Collapse of Dawn

Collapse of Dawn – Transcendence Released!

Vee and I are stoked to get this out in the wild.  We’ve been sitting on it for a couple months now, waiting for the last couple of remixes to roll in.

5 original tracks + 8 remixes from The Fair Attempts, Melodywhore, Jigsaw Sequence, Bare Island, Kizunaut, and Leifendeth.

It’s finally out.

Collapse of Dawn – Concealed [single] released!

We just couldn’t help it.  Sapphira Vee and I have been kicking this material around for a while and we just had to get it out there.

Track list:
1. Concealed (album version)
2. Concealed (The Fair Attempts remix)
3. Concealed (Kizunaut remix)
4. Concealed (In the Shadows mix) by Jigsaw Sequence

We hope you dig it.  Our full album, Transcendence, releases April 27th.

Pre-order details coming soon.